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Nikolay Aleshkovskiy engineer and developer

Hello there! I'm a web developer 👨‍💻 currently running an agency in partnership with my long-time colleague.

In more straightforward terms, my professional journey began as a web designer, evolved into front-end development, and eventually led me to the role of a team-lead full-stack developer.

However, I primarily consider myself an engineer 👨‍🔧 because my interests extend well beyond the confines of the internet. I find exciting to not only code things, but build wooden furniture, weld, design homes (yeah, I did that) and utility systems.

Throughout my life, I've been gathering expertise in various areas, including guitar, poker, table tennis, woodworking, computers and networks, photography and videography, sound and microphones, handtools and powertools, and more. I'm confident that this list will continue to grow as I discover new areas of interest.

🚀 As of today, my plan is to focus on building my own web and mobile projects.

💪 Meteor consulting service

My employment history

I’ve been fortunate enough to start working on my own since I was a kid. I earned my first money at the age of 14 by creating a simple HTML website for someone I found on the Internet (during the dial-up modem era!)

Since then, I’ve pursued my career as a developer:

2004 — 2009: Education, solo web development, experiments, random projects
2009 — 2015: Web development for local business needs with my partner
2015 — (now): Leading an outsourcing web and mobile development agency with my partner