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Engineering and outsource development

Nikolay Aleshkovskiy engineer and developer

Hello there! I'm a web developer 👨‍💻 currently running an agency in partnership with my long-time colleague.

In more straightforward terms, my professional journey began as a web designer, evolved into front-end development, and eventually led me to the role of a team-lead full-stack developer.

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My Projects

Milk & Cartoons Team

Launched in partnership with Sergey Kizim as a small web studio, we grew into a team working on super complex web and mobile apps.

Now we are 10 developers focusing on complex web and mobile applications, information systems, UIs, and admin panels.

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Tech stack: React, Node.js, Mongo, Meteor, RedwoodJS, GraphQL

Edens App

The app is built by the Milk & Cartoons team.

It handles time tracking and invoicing, optimizes essential business processes, and helps build trust with clients.

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Spreadsheet Filter Machine

I converted a tiny CLI Node.js tool I was using to split huge XLSX and CSV documents into a desktop app.

Meteor Packages

I have a lot of experience with Meteor JS Framework and have been using it for the past 7+ years.

I not only provide a Meteor consulting service, but also developed a few packages for the Meteor ecosystem

My Meteor packages

To be continued...

I'm going to add more of my projects here in 2024.

Stay tuned! 🚀

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